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TopHeart Group is a leading industrial group focusing on aquatic products, integrating fishing, breeding, processing, research, development, sales, and export. It jointly owns fishing fleets and a marine food manufacturing company with the CHEN family, ensuring the freshness and safety of food.




We mainly produce canned fish and frozen fish. Our company attaches great importance to quality and strictly implements food safety standards, including strict management and supervision of raw material selection, production process, storage conditions, and packaging, to ensure that we provide customers with delicious, safe, and cost-effective aquatic food.


The economic use value of fish food is very high, Fish tastes delicious, is rich in nutrition, raw and cooked can be eaten, fat content is lower than meat, Easily digested and absorbed by the human body. It has become a banquet, the table on the high-end delicacy, loved by people.


Frozen seafood refers to the preservation of fresh seafood at low temperatures.
Frozen fish raw materials require the freshest fish with high quality, and the ambient temperature of processing should not be higher than 18 °C. The water temperature is not higher than 13 °C to shorten the processing time for the finished product and ensure product quality.


Canned fish with fresh or frozen fish as raw materials, high temperature, and high-pressure heating during processing without adding preservatives increase the calcium content, lock in nutrition, and produce delicious fish. In addition to the strict control of raw material selection, sterilization, and other procedures, we are also good at doing disinfection and sterilization of raw material storage rooms, and production workshops, and maintaining canning and sealing in a sterile environment.

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OEM & ODM services offer customized packaging, professional QC departments, and an efficient service team, with a 24-hour online work and positive customer response.



Package with your own brand and design.
We can be adjusted according to customer's requirements.
The authorized logo on the unit and package is acceptable.


Professional QC departments

15 inspectors check the quality strictly.
Monitor operations to ensure they meet production standards.
Recommend adjustments to the assembly or production process.
Inspect, test, or measure the materials or products being produced.


Active and efficient service team:

24 hours online work
Positive response to customer inquiries
Standardized order service process

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