Meet the head office of TOPHEART

Service Manager
Peggy Chen

Service philosophy: Putting customer needs first and pursuing 100% customer satisfaction

Quality manager
Kevin Chen

Service philosophy: Focus on food quality and safety, the highest standards demand quality.

Sales Manager
Coco Xu

Service philosophy: Efficient communication, professional and accurate Heart service, get 100% satisfaction.

Meet the head office of TOPHEART

Frequently Asked Questions

10,000 tons -20℃ cold storage, automatic screening equipment, double-spiral single freezing device, high-efficiency ice coating machine and secondary freezing device (MOON-TECH 3-line IQF), 10 screw freezers, high-standard water treatment system and microbial detection experiment room.

Our workshop strictly complies with EU standards and all processing links are completed in Kahab’s sterile workshop. From raw material pre-processing, size, glazing, quality selection to packaging.

TopHeart Group always adheres to the concept of “service first, customer first”, so that every one of our customers can enjoy excellent service. In order to ensure this, there are professional teams and mature service systems running in the company behind the services.

From fishing to freezing, our process quality inspectors will track and supervise the entire process, and identify the quality of the products by looking, touching, smelling, cutting, and testing.

Details: Randomly inspect 2-3 boxes of goods in each pallet, record the data (number of grams, number of strips, weight, defrosted quality, etc.) and send photos to customers. Adopt -20℃ cold chain transportation to ensure that the products reach the final destination in the best condition.

Our supporting document department will draw up a draft for the client to confirm, then quickly sign the originals and scan them into the client’s mailbox before being mailed. We will continue to follow up and remind ETA customers to be ready to pick up the goods to avoid unnecessary cost and time wasting at the port.

We particularly welcome comments and suggestions regarding the future services and administration and management of Kahab. Your participation is critical to our success.

People are critical to our business and we have patiently built a best-in-class management team. We have working relationships across the world and care deeply about the environment and global sustainability.

After selecting and developing the most professional talents in their respective fields, we start planning and applying strategies to achieve high productivity. TopHeart embraces collaboration as one of the core values of all relationships within our company. In the next step, we look forward to more partners joining us. Teamwork, honesty and dedication make Kahab a reliable, trustworthy and innovative company.

Our company has 30 years of fish processing history. TopHeart Group food has more than ten years of import and export experience. We are the golden supplier of seafood in China. You can see our logo in Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and many other Asian countries.

We strive to source and deliver the highest quality seafood through efficient and environmentally safe practices. Keeping a firm eye on social and environmental responsibility.

Free Consultation

TopHeart Group With more than 16 years of experience, we are able to accurately understand our customers’ ideas and solve their problems to meet their requirements and deliver customized products in the most cost-effective manner.

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