Company Introduction

TopHeart Group is committed to establishing an industrial group focusing on aquatic products and integrating aquatic product fishing, breeding, processing, research and development, sales, and export. It jointly owns fishing fleets and a marine food manufacturing company with the “Seafood Family” CHEN family. Relying on the rich natural fishery resources in Fujian Province, it controls product quality from the source to ensure the freshness and safety of food.

TopHeart Group has an import and export service company, a logistics company, and six production factories, with a total area of 258,000 square meters. It mainly produces and exports a series of “frozen seafood raw materials, marine prepared foods, marine canned foods, and marine snack foods”. Adhering to the service concept of “customer first, providing Chinese food supply services”, the CHEN family has persisted in establishing food production lines and developing new products for customers for many years. It already owns 10 food brands and plans to expand into three food factories. The products are successfully exported to more than 92 countries and regions, including the European Union, Japan, Russia, the United States, Canada, Southeast Asia, West Africa, and the Middle East.

TopHeart Group continues to focus on the production of aquatic products, giving full play to the advantages of the industrial chain to provide high-quality products and professional services to global customers. We look forward to your sincere participation and strategic cooperation.

Our story:

Our ancestors were engaged in the ocean fishery and started by opening seafood shops. After several generations of persistent work, the first factory was built. We love the ocean and the marine organisms in it. Marine organisms can produce a lot of delicious food, from raw materials to semi-finished goods to finished products to refined food, including frozen foods, semi-finished dishes, canned foods, and ready-to-eat snacks. We firmly believe that sincerity is the most precious, so our business is getting bigger and our resources are getting richer. It enables us to build multiple factories together.  We look forward to having in-depth discussions together to create more delicious and healthy foods and sharing and exchanging Chinese food with people around the world.

My Goals​

To contribute to social development With an altruistic heart, become the preferred superior supplier
Spread Chinese cuisine and make high-quality Chinese-made products renowned globally
Improve dietary health and achieve both material and spiritual well-being. Improve dietary health and achieve both material and spiritual happiness for all
Corporate Responsibility:
Contribute to the sustainable development of industry and society
Core values:
Sincerity towards others and perseverance in handling things

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